CS_QC-RecoveredThe SkyFly Advantage


If you want unique breath-taking and dynamic aerial images for your next production or marketing campaign, SkyFly Studios can deliver. While still being able to deliver shots similar to traditional methods, SkyFly Studios can go further to get your shots from angles previously thought impossible. Our service is designed to save you time and money. Our technology is completely state-of-the-art, and has several advantages over similar aerial platforms.

Comparison to traditional rigs


Full-Sized Helicopter

SkyFly Studios

Must maintain a minimum altitude of 1000’ above ground level. No minimum altitude exists. We fly from 0’ – 400’ which allows for closer-to-the-action shooting as well as very high panoramic landscapes.
Expensive Our services cost a fraction of the price involved with hiring a full-sized manned helicopter.
Noisy, and consumes large amounts of fuel Electric lithium-polymer batteries power our system, which provides clean, quiet, and efficient power.
Time-consuming: from rigging the camera mounts, to fueling, and taking off from a designated location and traveling to the actual set. We arrive on-set, and can be in the air within 30 minutes. After this initial set-up, we can be flying at any point throughout the day, often in less than 10 minutes.
Communication: Cock-pit size is limited, and so creative input from team members falls short. Your creative team can see live video as streamed from the camera’s perspective to offer notes on flight path or camera operation.


Jib / Crane

SkyFly Studios

Time-Consumming: Although initial set-up time is relatively quick, changing positions requires much de-rigging, and re-rigging. Once initial set-up is complete, our system can easily be lifted and carried with the camera mounted to the next location.
Heavy and Bulky: When shooting on location, the last thing your team wants to do is haul case after case of heavy frame, and counter-weight components Weighing a mere 8kg, our system makes it easy to travel to remote locations.
Motion is limited to position, and boom length. Furthermore, positioning of a jib can often be limited by areas with unstable ground. Simulate a jib/crane movement, or go beyond. Our system offers complete freedom to explore new angles and unlimited possibilities.



SkyFly Studios

Time-Consumming: Initial set-up can be very long and complex. We can be ready to go in approximately 30 minutes after arrival.
Safety: The rigging process can often present a huge amount of safety issues depending on how accessible the rigging points are. Once the camera is mounted to the gimbal, and a safety inspection is performed, rigging is complete.
Troubleshooting: Shooting from cables is a very mechanical process. When components fail, troubleshooting can be very difficult, and at times even dangerous. SkyFly’s camera platforms have a wide range of built in fail-safes to ensure safe operations.
Motion is limited to cable path. SkyFly Studio’s movement is not limited to a single path, and can alter position at a moment’s notice.

Comparison to similar rc platforms


You may have seen it before – a video online of someone having mounted a camera to an rc helicopter or plane in order to capture these unique angles. They’ve modified an existing rc helicopter which was designed for the hobbyist in an attempt to transform it into a professional camera platform. The SkyFly aerial platform is custom built from the ground up, with aerial video and photography, as it’s top priority. The result is smoother shots, longer flight times, and higher payloads.


Some of our key advantages over similar products include:


360° shooting

Unlike many similar products we use retractable landing skids, which means the ‘feet’ are raised so that our camera has an unobstructed 360° view. No time is lost by accidentally getting the landing skids in frame.


Increased Stability

Our systems make use of 4,6, and 8 separate rotors, which offers unparalleled stability when compared to traditional single-rotor designs. No more will your productions be forced to slow down all the footage in an attempt to smooth out bumps.


Higher Payloads

Similar platforms will only allow you to lift about 4-5lbs or weight. With SkyFly Studios, you’ll have the freedom of lifting up to 16lbs, giving your production more creative lens options and allows for flying the new RED Epic, Canon C500, and Sony FS700.